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2021 HERe Women's Leadership Event

Topic: Starting a Charity and Continuing Its Success

This presentation is offered by 2 women doing life, recognizing certain needs in their community
and inspired to step out and make a difference. Participants will be able to listen to their personal stories and life journey
that led them to start and grow Charities that focus on improving women’s lives. Many comparisons and challenges of
daily life and work can be made as noted when facing the challenges of establishing and continuing the success of a

Susie Everett & Janet Dixon 

Topic: Women in Politics- Their Journey!

This presentation will cover their journey navigating the traditionally male dominated field of
politics and their personal huddles (both professionally and personally) they encountered along the way. 

Ashley Hudson & Breanne Davis 

Topic: Get Your Groove On!

During this session, Susan will share her experiences along her career path in a predominantly
male based industry of public accounting and also engage you in how you can continue to successfully make it down your
own path.

Susan M. Davenport, CPA, FHFMA

Topic: Paving the Way and Paying it Forward

Life can throw many obstacles along our paths that influence the direction we pursue personally and professionally. While traversing these changes is challenging in the moment, reflection often shows that the nudge led us to our “ikigai.” And, mentoring women can make a significant impact as we walk our path. Ultimately, our success, as well as that of our organizations, benefits from supporting and mentoring by and of women. 

Laurie Burney

Topic: Finding Your Purpose and Networking to the Top

This presentation will cover top tips on defining your purpose, networking to the top, as well as
tangible tools to keep women at the forefront of your organization. This training will target women in the audience to
think outside the box in order to find their purpose, network at advanced levels to turn their purpose into reality, and
then provide tools to keep women at the forefront of their organization.

Starre Haas

Topic: Tour of Clinton Presidential Library and Networking

Due to Covid-19, most of the museum will not be available to tour, but there will be a few memorabilia areas to look around.