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Arkansas chapter of HMFA

Healthcare Financial Management Association is the professional membership organization for individuals involved in the financial management of healthcare. HFMA is an organization that provides access to exceptional educational opportunities at the local, regional and national levels. You can develop a network of peers that can provide varying degrees of insight to the ever changing landscape of healthcare finance and volunteering in HFMA can provide a rewarding experience. We strive to bring perspective and clarity to this industry’s complex issues. Through our programs, publications and partnerships we work to enhance capabilities that strengthen not only individual careers, but the organizations from which our members come..  Additionally, the Arkansas chapter offers an annual cash incentive to the member who recruits the most new members.  It could be you!



Providing professional development through education, information, certification, peer interaction, and leadership training.



Influencing healthcare financial management and accounting policy decisions, principles, and practices through advocacy and dissemination of information.



Establishing and promoting the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

The Benefits of Joining HFMA

Membership Benefits

Unlimited Website Content

All hfm articles, regulatory updates, digital publications and more are now included with the one-price membership.  

Community Participation 

Join, collaborate and find answers in all interactive online forum groups. Participate in as many as you like – they’re all included. 


Earn any and all of HFMA’s recognized industry credentials, raising your professional standing and increasing your earning potential.  

hfm Magazine 

Gain practical and proven insights from the field with your annual subscription to HFMA’s member-only magazine – available in print, online and now through the hfm digital app. 

Each month we will email you when the new edition is available, giving you fast access to the latest edition and recent archives of the magazine from your desktop or mobile device.  

All Online Education

Earn more than 70 hours of CPE and maintain credentials with a vast selection of virtual conferences, online learning and more. 

Webinars and Podcasts 

Avoid travel costs and hassles with some of the most popular and convenient ways to learn more about a wide variety of healthcare finance subjects. 

Chapter Membership 

Grow your local network — all members get free membership to one local chapter. 

HFMA Daily 

A member-only newsletter that uses artificial intelligence to deliver the news on the topics most relevant to  you. 

Two Monthly Newsletters

Leverage best practices from across the industry in two new content-specific publications: Revenue Cycle Strategies and the Financial Sustainability Report.


Get what matters most when you customize the news and topic information you receive with your own personalized home page.  

Live Education Discounts 

Get significant member-only savings on chapter programs and events like HFMA’s Annual Conference. 

Additional Benefits-Different member groups get added benefits

Enterprise Providers 

MAP App™  

Discounted pricing option for HFMA’s web-based benchmark application to compare your performance to industry peer groups. 

Business Partners Member's Benefits

Custom Webinar Series

Find out what’s on the mind of a CFO, hear industry issues from HFMA’s senior leadership and more in these live and archived webinars, helping position both you and your company for success.

Hot Healthcare Topics 

Quarterly curated email that summarizes the hottest content from HFMA’s digital platforms, including highest ranking topics, articles and Community forum threads.

Business Partner Member Logo

Identify yourself with distinction among the healthcare finance community as an HFMA member with this special logo.

Student Member's Benefits

Earn College Credit. Take one less class! Student members of HFMA can earn 3 college credits outside the classroom when successfully completing the HFMA Business of Health Care® course.

The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) has evaluated and recommended college credit for the HFMA Business of Health Care®. For the benefit of our Student Members, HFMA also participates in the American Council on Education’s transcript service. Student members of HFMA who successfully complete the HFMA Business of Health Care course can earn up to 3 college credits that they can use at the schools of their choice as part of a lifelong record of learning on Credly’s Acclaim platform. This service enables learners to present a nationally recognized transcript to the college or university of their choice for the potential award of academic credit. Upon course or exam completion, the student will receive an email invitation from the Acclaim digital platform. Creating an account allows for badge retrieval and the ability to access and order future transcripts. For more information, visit ACE. Founded in 1918, ACE is the major coordinating body for all the nation’s higher education institutions, representing more than 1,600 college and university presidents and more than 200 related associations nationwide. It provides leadership on key higher education issues and influences public policy through advocacy.

It's time to make a difference!

Are you ready to join our HFMA Chapter?

Membership Directory

With the phasing out of local chapters’ membership directories in lieu of a singular national directory, how we contact one another is in a state of change, but HFMA members will still be able to use the Directory to contact fellow members.

Instead of accessing the membership app or searching on the Arkansas HFMA website, searches should now be directed to the national HFMA website. Please use the following guide to get the most out of the national directory.


Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the National Directory at

2. Sign in when prompted using your existing HFMA log-in credentials

3. Use the search function to look up member profiles by name, title, state, job level or function, organization name or type, or a combination of these

4. Select the “connect” link attached to the member’s profile and select “request friendship”



Once your request has been accepted, you can send direct messages through the directory by clicking the connect button on the member’s profile page and select “send private message.”

HFMA Certification

Becoming certified distinguishes you as a leader and high-level professional in the healthcare finance industry. It reflects a deep personal commitment and sense of accountability that inspires credibility and confidence in your professional knowledge. Through HFMA Certification Programs, you can show your dedication to high industry standards.

Chapter Certified Members
First NameLast NameDesignation
JeannieBondFHFMA, CPA
WilliamCouchCPA, FHFMA
HerbertCrumFHFMA, CPA
ChristopherFowlerFHFMA, CPA
C. LeeAnnHackleyCHFP
MarkHartmanFHFMA, CPA
LorettaHefleyCHFP, MHA, CPC-H
BryanJacksonFHFMA, CPA, CMA
SusanMillerFHFMA, CPA
DerekPierceCPA, FHFMA
BrianSmithFHFMA, CPA


It's time to make a difference!

Volunteering for an HFMA Chapter committee or event is a great way to get the most out of your HFMA membership!  It’s time to become more active today.  Answer the Call to be a Chapter Leader!!!

Audit Committee

General Description: The Audit Committee is responsible for periodically reviewing the Chapter’s financial statements and reporting the findings to the Officers and Board members.


  • On an annual basis, the Audit Committee Chair, with the assistance of the committee members, will report to the Chapter board and officers the financial position of the Chapter by preparing a Balance Sheet, Statement of Operations, and a Statement of Cash Flows.
Bylaws & Policies/Procedures Committee

General Description: The Bylaws Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Chapter operates within the scope of the Bylaws.  They will review and recommend revisions to the Chapter Bylaws annually and on an as needed basis.


  • Monitor Chapter activities for adherence to Bylaws.
  • Review Bylaws and Policies & Procedures manual annually and/or as needed and submit proposed amendments to the Officers and Board for approval.
  • Update Policies and Procedures as new policies are voted on and approved by board.
Certification Committee

General Description: The Certification Committee is responsible for promoting the benefits of professional certification of all members and providing the means to secure study information, provide coaching courses and scheduling testing dates. The Certification Chair must be certified as a CHFP or FHFMA.


  • Provide assistance to Chapter members to secure study materials.
  • Maintain a list of members studying for the exam and assign a member of the committee to be a mentor for each member studying for the exam.
  • Must be Chapter members who are certified and active members to serve on the committee.
CFO Committee

General Description: The Chapter CFO Committee Chair is responsible for promoting CFO membership in HFMA and promoting CFO attendance at Regional meetings, as well as providing feedback from CFOs on HFMA meetings and educational programs.


  • Develop and maintain a database of Arkansas healthcare CFOs.
  • Develop a process to survey healthcare CFOs to attain their feedback on the content of quarterly meetings and suggestions for topics in the future.
  • Plan annual CFO meeting
Communications/Social Media Committee

General Description: Chairs the newsletter committee, which is responsible for gathering information and composing the Chapter newsletter & blog, The News-breaker, for distribution to the membership and sponsors.  Responsible for maintaining Chapter social media accounts.


  • Solicits information from the Chapter membership and outside sources for inclusion in The News-breaker, which is published each quarter just prior to quarterly meetings.
  • Responsible for publication of The News-breaker/Blog, both printed and website versions.
  • Takes pictures at quarterly Chapter meetings as well as National meetings attended for inclusion in The News-breaker/Blog.
  • Promote Chapter activities through social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Corporate Sponsorship Committee

General Description: The Corporate Sponsorship committee obtains from corporate sponsors who are willing to financially support the Chapter. These sponsorships allow our Chapter to remain financially viable and continually provide quality meetings and information to Chapter members at an affordable cost.


  • Help sponsorship committee in obtaining determined financial support goals.
  • Keep an updated report on sponsorship opportunities for potential sponsors.
  • Continually encourage HFMA members to support our sponsors and provide insight on services that may assist them in their daily healthcare functions.
  • Monitor attendees at each Chapter meeting to identify potential new sponsors and provide them with information about Chapter sponsorship.
CPE Coordination /CPE December Meeting Committee

General Description: The CPE Coordination Committee is responsible for verifying that educational opportunities offered by the Chapter meet state and NASBA CPE standards and submits NASBA certification application annually. 


  • Review meeting brochures timely to verify that all information necessary for CPE verification is included.
  • Stay abreast of changing state and NASBA requirements regarding CPE eligibility.
  • Provide feedback to the Program Committee on whether proposed educational presentations meet technical CPE standards.
  • CPE Committee is responsible for coordinating December education meeting for CPAs.
Critical Access Committee

General Description: The Critical Access Committee Chair is responsible for making sure that the Chapter offers educational opportunities that are relevant to critical access hospitals and for keeping Chapter leadership informed about developments in the healthcare world that are relevant to critical access hospitals.


  • Reach out to other critical access hospital leaders to promote Chapter membership and activities.
  • Seek out feedback from critical access hospital leaders regarding issues that are important to them and content they would like to see the Chapter provide.
Early Careerist Committee

General Description: Create a formal process for personal outreach to new, early careerist members.


  • Develop the infrastructure at the chapter level to pair early careerists with more tenured leaders.
  • Identify those who want to be mentored soon after they join.
  • Assist with identifying effective ways to communicate the value of HFMA to future healthcare financial leaders.
Enterprise Member Committee

General Description: Committee will create a formal process for professional outreach to new enterprise members.


  • Develop the infrastructure at the chapter level to reach out to enterprise members.
  • Identify needs that enterprise members seek from Chapter after they join.
  • Assist with identifying effective ways to communicate the value of HFMA to enterprise members.
Founders Award Committee

General Description: The Founders Committee is responsible for ensuring that Chapter members’ Founders points are communicated to National HFMA in an accurate and timely manner.


  • Ensure that committee participation and other Founders points are updated correctly in the National HFMA system.
  • Reach out to members to have them verify that their Chapter participation is reflected appropriately in the National HFMA system.
  • Provide updated Founder award recipients to website yearly.
HERe Women’s Leadership Committee

General Description: The HERe Women’s Leadership Committee is responsible for leading efforts to carry out HFMA’s women’s leadership initiative through planning events and activities and promoting Chapter events to female members and potential members.


  • Reach out to women in the Chapter to find out what their interests and concerns are related to their participation in Chapter events.
  • Plan annual Chapter HERe conference.  
  • Provide input to Chapter officers and board regarding ways to promote women’s participation and leadership in the Chapter.
Membership Committee

General Description: This Committee is responsible for maintaining Chapter membership and recruiting new members.


  • Interacts with HFMA National to maintain Chapter membership roster and develop recruiting strategies.
  • Contacts and welcomes new Chapter members.
  • Coordinates efforts to reach out to former members who did not renew their HFMA memberships to encourage them to remain part of the Chapter.
Membership Directory Committee

General Description: The Membership Directory Committee coordinates the production and distribution of the annual membership directory. They are responsible for ensuring that the membership directory is prepared and distributed in compliance with National HFMA regulations.


  • The directory must be produced within the regulations, guidelines and timeline provided by National HFMA, including all of the required national and local information.
  • Responsible for coordinating with the Corporate Sponsor Chair to ensure that all advertisements are included in the directory for sponsors who are entitled based on their level of support to the Chapter.
  • Responsible for making general contact with the Arkansas HFMA membership to update their personal information on-line with HFMA to ensure that all changes are included in the directory. This is usually done through email. 
Philanthropy Committee

General Description: The Philanthropy committee is responsible for coordinating and promoting different charity projects at our quarterly conferences. Promote to chapter members that the chapter wants to and the importance of giving back to their communities.


  • Identify worthy projects for the chapter members to donate at quarterly conferences.
  • Promote and identify items that need to be brought to the conferences by members.
  • Coordinate collection of items at the conferences, announce winners from drawing and make sure follow up reporting to all members of the results of the project.
Physician Group Practice Committee

General Description: The Physician Group Practice committee is responsible for updating the Chapter leadership and membership on any known changes and practices that might have an effect on Arkansas hospitals.


  • Update the membership on any significant changes in physician practices or billing that will affect the hospitals and or their abilities to perform their job duties.
  • Reach out to other Physician Group Practice leaders to promote Chapter membership and activities.
  • Seek out feedback from Physician Group Practice leaders regarding issues that are important to them and content they would like to see the Chapter provide at meetings.
Revenue Cycle Committee

General Description: The Revenue Cycle committee is responsible for making sure that the Chapter offers educational opportunities that are relevant to revenue cycle personnel and for keeping Chapter leadership informed about developments in the healthcare world that are relevant to hospital revenue cycle operations.


  • Plan annual one-day Revenue Cycle Seminar.  Additional revenue cycle educational events may be held at the Chair and Chapter’s discretion.
  • As needed, hold focus groups to determine topics of interest or concern to the revenue cycle community.
  • Reach out to HFMA and AHA leaders regarding advocacy issues or opportunities of interest to the revenue cycle community.
  • Encourage revenue cycle leaders throughout the state to participate in local and regional HFMA meetings.
Networking/Entertainment Committee

General Description: The Networking/Entertainment Committee is responsible for making sure that the Chapter offers networking opportunities that are entertaining to the chapter members at conferences and other times during the year.


  • Plan networking events at quarterly conferences.
  • Coordinate the events at the conferences or other event dates so that attendees meet, network and socialize with their peers.
  • Encourage chapter members to participate in networking activities that the chapter hosts. 
Website Committee

General Description: The Website Committee is responsible for management and development of Arkansas HFMA’s Chapter website.


  • The Website committee promotes and coordinates the Chapter website.
  • Coordinates closely with National HFMA and our representatives with the hosting service.
  • Explore ways to utilize the Internet to improve Chapter communications and activities.
  • Monitors the website utilization and recommends areas of expansion as necessary.