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2021 December CPE Seminar

Topic: Where Do We Go From Here? Mandatory Vaccines, Surprise Billing, OSHA ETS, and more

Program Content: What should hospitals and healthcare providers know about mandatory vaccine policies? This
presentation will address pressing questions about mandatory vaccine policies through the lens of Title VII of the Civil
Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as ethical and practical implications of mandatory
vaccine policies. We will also cover updates such as the finalized Surprise Billing Rule and OSHA Emergency
Temporary Standard.

Amie K. Wilcox


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Topic: TeleHealth & TeleWork Security Fundamentals

Program Content: Gain an understanding of the cybersecurity fundamentals of telehealth and teleworking with a
focus on people, processes, and technology. By focusing on people, processes, and technology, you can give your team
what they need to provide remote and secure working environment and provide patients remote care.

Nobe Aleman


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Topic: Annual NFP Tax Update

Program Content: This presentation will cover items you need to be aware of when preparing your Form 990 and
Form 990-T as well as general tax updates due to recent developments and legislative proposals.

Noelle Alberto



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Topic: Arkansas State Board Ethics: 2021 Board Update

Program Content: This presentation will review subsection 6 of Arkansas’ Accountancy law, covering topics such as
prohibited acts, sanctions, Board hearings and license reinstatement, interlaced with examples and the Board
investigator’s experiences.

Tim Montgomery


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https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/dHwxGmPPw6KW_kGprQXHFkUg6i3Uq8qCob3vlq5-ZEbyv9gKa37ILYWYeMY3caQF.DOGBflZJ6SMpe_sq Passcode: Z9.g@1%V

Topic: End of Year Tax Update

Program Content: This presentation will cover a general end of year tax update covering proposed changes to tax law.

Chelsea Engel & Chris Bishop


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Topic: Crossing the Ethical Boundary: Insights from a Fraud Investigator

Program Content: In this session, BKD Forensics Director Sean Sarsfield CPA/CFF, CFE, CVA will be focusing on
several examples of individuals that have crossed the ethical boundary. He will also be sharing insights into, and
examples of, ethical issues observed in fraud investigations and discussing decision making in ethical dilemmas.

Sean Sarsfield


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