Handouts & Recordings

2024 Revenue Cycle Seminar

Attacking Medicare Advantage Denials PLUS Welcome to the 2 Midnight Rule

Program Content: Wow! Medicare Advantage is now required to use the 2 Midnight (MN) rule, same as traditional
Medicare. This ‘hot off the press’ presentation will include the new MA legislative impact, payer replies, CMS
oversight along with operational and powerful action items.

Payers (Still) Going Wild - Line Item Denials

Program Content: This action-oriented class will include the current state of payers determining what is being disallowed per their definition of “unbundling’ while outlining the common issues with inpatient and outpatient claims. 

Revenue Cycle Round Table Discussion

Program Content: Instructor-led discussion of various challenges facing revenue cycle managers, directors and other
leaders surrounding revenue integrity, financial compliance, charge capture, process improvement.

Navigating the RCM - Leveraging Data to Drive Improvement

Program Content: Although payment models will change under value-based care, continued streamlined revenue cycle management (RCM) is essential for healthcare organizations to sustain healthy margins and financial stability. Addressing key operational areas can result in successful operational improvement. This presentation will explore how medical groups can track and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify revenue cycle deficiencies and provide strategies for efficient operations. Identifying trends and patterns can provide valuable insights regarding a medical group’s financial performance and operational viability. Utilizing a case study, participants will be shown how data was used by a medical practice to optimize revenue, minimize claim rejections and denials, reduce payment delays, and improve its overall financial performance. By leveraging the data, the healthcare organization made data-driven business decisions and measured progress, using a reporting dashboard of critical metrics.  

2024 Updates: Price Transparency and No Surprise Act

Program Content: This presentation will include a high-level overview of the 2024 changes to price transparency and the No Surprise Act. Presentation will include a high-level recap of price transparency concept and rules and then move forward into a high-level overview of the 2024 changes to price transparency. This will include discussion around penalties, patient advocacy, No Surprises Act connection and lessons learned.