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2023 December CPE Seminar

Audit & Accounting Update

Program Content: The Audit and Accounting (A&A) world is always evolving. This session will cover some of the more significant items and expected changes from selected A&A “hot topics” with a focus on significant new accounting or auditing related standards and insights. The course is designed to spotlight current changes that we are experiencing in the accounting and auditing profession including impacts to healthcare related entities.

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Single Audit Update

Program Content: This presentation will cover an overview of Single Audit requirements and key changes in the 2023 OMB Compliance Supplement.

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Year End Tax Update

Program Content: In short, this presentation will cover the current state of federal income taxes and the adjustments posed from prior years as we move forward into the 2023 tax year. It will cover new provisions, credits etc. and will be primarily focused on items related to taxation of individuals and businesses.

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Arkansas State Board Ethics: 2023 Board Update

Program Content: This presentation will review five various issues that the Board investigators encounter. Topics covered include failure to respond, sanctions, inactive status violations, and CPE violations and will be interlaced with examples and experiences.

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501(r) Compliance Update

Program Content: As the IRS turns its focus from educating not-for-profit hospitals about Section 501(r) to enforcing compliance, hospitals can help avoid costly penalties, exam costs, and reputational damage by taking time to verify compliance and build processes to remain compliant over time. We will provide an overview of the requirements of Section 501(r) and what your hospital should be reviewing in order to avoid potential non-compliance.

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Professional Ethics and Advancing Roles of CPAs in Organizations

Program Content: Professional Ethics are principles that govern the behavior of a person or group in a business environment. Like values, professional ethics provide rules on how a person should act towards other people and institutions. Ethics refers to a system of moral principles. Values are associated with the thought process, a person’s sense of what is wrong and what is right. Ethics aligns with a professional setup. We will discuss what makes you make the decisions you make and how to prepare in advance to make good decisions. CPAs have a unique set of skills that benefit organizations. Discussion will center to new skills CPAs need to learn to obtain C-Suite positions in organizations.

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