Time to Check Your Consents

 Time to Check Your Consents

The collection industry is undergoing many changes in communications with consumers. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has provided new rules in how contact can be made. The new rules apply to letters, texting, emails, voicemails, and phone calls. As a provider you want to make sure your collection agencies have the ability to contact the consumers with the most effective method and they will need the permissions from patients and guarantors. You also want to make sure your agencies know when you have the permissions and when you don’t. They will be able to implement this information into their collection workflows. We know that most providers are already doing this so it may be just a simple review to make sure all forms of communication are included.

The following is a sample, disclaimer we are not attorneys and any documents you use should be reviewed by your legal counsel. 


I hereby authorize and consent to the release of all medical and personal information (including but not limited to my home phone, cell phone, work phone, address and email address) by or to the hospital and by or to any and all healthcare professionals involved in my care; Interpretation of test results; account billing and collection; and payment posting and/or processing; or related health care functions. This authorization shall remain in effect until such time as all account balance extending from this encounter have been fully satisfied. I authorize the hospital and all clinical providers who have provided care or interpreted my test, along with any billing service and their collection agency or attorney who may work on their behalf, to contact me on my cell phone and/or home phone using prerecorded messages, artificial voice messages, automatic telephone dialing devices or other computer assisted technology, or by electronic mail, text messaging or by any other form of electronic communication.