Handouts & Recordings

2022 Summer Conference

Golf Outing – Roy Nichols Honorary Golf Tournament Glenwood Country Club (separate sign up)

Topic: 2021 Arkansas Legislative Update and Medicaid Check-up

Program Content: This presentation will cover highlights of state legislation impacting Arkansas hospitals and the
healthcare system in Arkansas and provide an overview of changes to the Medicaid Expansion program – now known

Bo Ryall, President and CEO, Arkansas Hospital Association
Jodiane Tritt, Executive Vice President, Arkansas Hospital Association

Topic: Medicare Cost Report 2.0: Techniques for the Reviewer

Program Content: The annual submission of the Medicare cost report is a required Condition of Participation for Part
A providers, but the cost report also impacts various Medicare reimbursement items. If these items aren’t prepared
accurately, the financial impact could be significant. Oftentimes, the preparation period extends close to the submission
deadline, which does not leave ample time for review. During this session, we will share helpful techniques for the cost
report reviewer to check for accuracy, reasonableness, and completeness even if in a tight review window prior to the
submission deadline. We will also discuss essential management reports that address the key items to share with the
officer responsible for signing the cost report.

Robert Howey, Senior Director, Toyon Associates, Inc.
Jennifer Huff, Senior Consultant, Toyon Associates, Inc.

Topic: Maximizing the Human Experience in a Post-Pandemic World

Program Content: Post pandemic. Where do we go from here? How do we heal the wounds that scarred our nation,
hearts, and minds? COVID-19 has affected us in more ways than one, but now is our time to redefine what it means to
recover. When times were uncertain, we were resilient. We led through the chaos. Pushed through the everyday
challenge and picked ourselves up. As providers, we continued to advocate for medically appropriate healthcare
pursuant to Wickline v. State. But now a new challenge awaits us. How do we calm the storm and steer our way back to

Ed Norwood, CEO & President, ERN Enterprises

Topic: White Collar Crime Investigations

Program Content: This presentation will cover some real-world examples of fraud in the healthcare environment.
While illustrative and educational, these cases will hopefully help providers learn to adopt a questioning mind and also
be aware of some of the larger fraud schemes that have happened in Arkansas lately.

Justin Beach, Special Agent, FBI
Luke Scott, Forensic Accountant, FBI

Topic: When Payors Won’t Listen

Program Content: To help healthcare professionals advocate for medically appropriate healthcare pursuant to
Wickline v. State, ERN/NCRA has organized an educational workshop that takes participants in to a session on how to
write powerful appeal letters when payors won’t listen. Participants will learn administrative laws and components
needed to write an appeal letter that will help get denials reversed and claims paid, while combining ERN/NCRA’s
proprietary communication process in writing appeals.

Ed Norwood, CEO & President, ERN Enterprises

Topic: Finance Roundtable

Program Content: Audience discussion of various challenges and opportunities that healthcare financial leaders face
including revenue recognition, gross to net revenue analytics, budget/forecasting, revenue/expense matching, audits,
cost report preparation and accruing for TPS receivable/payables.

Misty Prater, CPA, FHFMA, Reg. Director Net Revenue, McLaren Health Systems

Topic: Revenue Cycle Roundtable

Program Content: Audience discussion of various challenges and opportunities facing revenue cycle managers,
directors and other leaders to include: staffing and hiring, challenges of remote staffing, pricing transparency, common
insurance denial issues, payor issues, etc.

Ed Norwood, CEO & President, ERN Enterprises

Topic: Facing Staff Shortage? Leverage Outsourcing to Support Your Team

Program Content: Now more than ever, hospitals are facing a lack of staffing resources to successfully process
claims. This presentation will cover how hospitals can overcome challenges associated to a limited workforce and the
steps necessary to finding a partner who can support your CBO.

Gregory Snow, SVP, Market Strategy, EnableComp
Brad Cross, Chief Revenue Officer, EnableComp

Topic: The Secrets to Successful CHFP Certification: Business of Health Care (Part I)

Program Content: Succeeding in today’s high-value healthcare environment requires financial professionals, clinical
and nonclinical leaders, payers, and others to have a broad range of business and financial skills, including business
acumen, collaboration, financial strategy, and understanding of future trends. The CHFP is geared toward all those
whose jobs require a deep understanding of the new financial realities of health care. The CHFP is earned and awarded
upon successful completion of two distinct phases.

Sam King, CPHIMS, CPHQ, FHIMSS, FHFMA, CRCR, Faculty, USC Price School of Public
Policy, University of Southern California