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2022 Revenue Cycle Seminar

Topic: Contract Negotiation / No Surprises Act

Program Content: The first part of the presentation will focus on payor contract negotiation and strategies; some
terms to strive to negotiate for and some terms to be willing to accept from the other contracting party. This will
include a discussion of relatively recent Arkansas laws regarding this topic and also a discussion of certain key and
typical contract provisions. The second part of the presentation will focus on the Federal No Surprises Act, effective
January 1, 2022, which implements obligations regarding patient disclosures and balance billing issues. “Surprise”
medical bills typically refer to situations when insured patients receive care from out-of-network providers that they did
not choose.

Topic: Real Revenue Today with Population Health

Program Content: Managing chronic conditions over the continuum of care has become more of a challenge as we
continue to see the shift to value-based care reimbursement models. Providers must find ways to coordinate in a costeffective
way the management of these conditions while optimizing the revenue opportunities. Additionally, providers
must meet the quality outcome metrics that has become a mainstream requirement of the healthcare system. These types
of models are a challenge for healthcare providers in a time where margins are smaller and often obsolete. There are
reimbursable programs focused on population health that can support and grow revenue with a focused care team

Topic: Staying Agile and Focused on Back-end Collections

Program Content: In this ever-changing revenue cycle landscape, it’s important to stay informed and adjust workflows regularly to support the needs of the organization. Reviewing best practice techniques, this presentation will cover how to proactively monitor receivables and react quickly when implementing changes. We’ll also talk about how increasing business office staff buy-in translates to enhanced productivity and improved cash collections and how to accomplish this through meaningful training and workflow maintenance.

Topic: Revenue Cycle Best Practices for Front End Activities

Program Content: Now more than ever, hospitals are looking for ways to improve their cash position and streamline
revenue processes. One such opportunity for improvement is through the hospital’s revenue cycle activities. What is the
revenue cycle? Many people may think of it as billing or coding, but this session will demonstrate the entire robust
spectrum of revenue cycle activities and how to use revenue cycle to improve the hospital’s bottom line.

Topic: No Surprises Act: Lessons Learned from Part II

Program Content: Six months of implementation, new structures, altered processes and transparency would have
passed as a result of the related requirements from the No Surprises Act Part I and Part II. BKD’s Trusted Advisors TM
will share how our clients are operationalizing the requirements to effectively achieve compliance and enhance patient
experiences as well as further reveal some of the successes and difficulties during implementation regarding how the good faith estimates for self-pay or uninsured patients, independent dispute resolution (provider to payer) and dispute resolution for patients to providers all came together.

TOPIC: Seminar End

EngageMed, Building 5125 Training Room
5125 Northshore Dr., North Little Rock, AR 72118